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Jos Strengholt


Many of those who occupy a position of leadership are concerned only with outward appearances;  of those hidden things which are observed only by God they have hardly a thought.    St  Gregory of Nyssa


Sunday 18 March

3.30pm: Bible Study in Nijmegen on Lord’s Prayer

Sunday 18 March

5pm: Anglican worship service in Nijmegen

Monday 19 March

7.30pm: Teach ETS in Houten on 1 +2 Thessalonians

Wednesday 21 March

8pm: Lecture on Life of Moses (Gregory of Nyssa) in Holy Trinity, Utrecht

Thursday 22 March

7.30pm:  Teach ETS in Hilversum on Revelation 1-5

Sunday 25 March

3.30pm: Bible study in Nijmegen

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The Lord's Prayer

“My will be done”, that is our natural prayer.  Jesus, however, teaches us to pray differently, and to live differently.  Even in his darkest moment, he prays that God’s will be done. What is the will of God? Why pray this prayer? In our Anglican Church in Arnhem-Nijmegen we study the Lord’s Prayer, and I hereby give you the studynotes that I also make available (and discuss) with my parishioners. Thus far the studies have been energizing! Follow what we…