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Jos Strengholt

For sale: Church History, Eusebius (4th century)

If you love the church, or you just want to know more of its early history, you must read Eusebius. A MUST read. Written between 320-330AD by the foremost historian of the early church. 


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Sunday 4 November

11am: Worship service (All Saints, All Souls) in Nijmegen

Sunday 4 November

12.30pm: lunch with church in Nijmegen

Sunday 4 November

1.15pm: Church Father Study with Church in Nijmegen

Sunday 4 November

5pm: Worship service (All Saints, All Souls) in Arnhem

Friday 9 November

7pm: At Holy Trinity in Utrecht, lead study on Early Church

Saturday 10 November

8pm: Talk on EO-Metterdaad Radio

Sunday 11 November

11am: Worship Service in Nijmegen - Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 11 November

5pm: Worship service in Arnhem - Remembrance Sunday

Tuesday 13 November

11.30am: Interview by Elsbeth Gruteke for EO Radio (broadcast will be later)

Thursday 15 November

1.40pm: Meeting with Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht

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Radical Anafora Desert Retreat 19-25 October 2019

We enjoyed a great Egypt Desert retreat in October 2018, and we aim for another retreat in a year's time.  Arrival date in Anafora: 19 October 2019. Beginning of retreat program: Sunday morning 20 October 2019, 5.30am End of the program: Friday 25 October 2019, ca. 1pm. The retreat will be RADICAL... we will live the life of an Egyptian monk for a week. All the prayers! Starting 4am every morning, and then throughout the day.  This will be hard -…