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Jos Strengholt

How Jewish was Church leadership?

I have a little theory. Maybe you can help me. It is the following idea.  Given the fact that the first generation of Christians was mostly from Jewish background, and all leaders of those communities were also Jewish, and given the fact that the initial growth of the church was mainly amongst Jewish people, and that leadership has a tendency to perpetuate itself:
Is it reasonable to expect that even into the third century, most of the bishops of the church had Jewish roots? Have studies been done in this issue? What do you think?
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Friday 28 June

8pm Lead study of Martyrdom of Polycarp, Holy Trinity Utrecht

Sunday 1 July 

10.30am  Celebrate in Anglican Church, Den Haag

Sunday 1 July

3.30pm Study of 1 Clement, Anglican Church Nijmegen

Sunday 1 July

5pm Worship service in Anglican Church, Nijmegen

Sunday 1 July

6.30pm Potluck in Anglican Church, Nijmegen

Tuesday 3 July

11am Meet with Catholic Church in Nijmegen

Wednesday 4 July

6pm Potluck of Church Arnhem-Nijmegen at our home in Utrecht

Friday 6 July 

7pm Final Evening of De Wittenberg in Zeist

Sunday 8 July

10.30am Lead worship service in Den Haag

Sunday 8 July

5pm Lead worship service in Arnhem

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