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Augustine and his Critics: for sale

Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430) is arguably the most controversial Christian thinker in history. His positions on philosophical and theological concerns have been the subjects of intense scrutiny and criticism from his lifetime to the present. Augustine and his Critics (270 pages) gathers twelve specialists’ responses to modern criticisms of his thought, covering: personal and religious freedom; the self and God; sexuality, gender and the body; spirituality; asceticism; cultural studies; and politics.
Stimulating and insightful, the collection offers forceful arguments for neglected historical, philosophical and theological perspectives which are behind some of Augustine’s most unpopular convictions.

I haver the book available for 10 euro. We can work out how to get the book to you.

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Thursday 18 April

7pm: Maundy Thursday service in Nijmegen

Friday 19 April

12am (noon): Good Friday: Stages of the Cross - in Arnhem

Sunday 21 April

11am: Easter Worship Service in Nijmegen

Sunday 21 April

12.15pm: Easter brunch Nijmegen

Sunday 21 April

No ALPHA in Nijmegen

Sunday 21 April

No Bible Study in Arnhem

Sunday 21 April

5pm: Easter Worship Service in Arnhem

Friday 3 May

8pm: Teach on St Cyprian in Holy TRinity, Utrecht

Sunday 5 May

11am: Worship Service in Nijmegen

Sunday 5 May

3.30pm: Galatian Bible Study with NT Wright in Arnhem

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Radical Anafora Desert Retreat 19-25 October 2019

We enjoyed a great Egypt Desert retreat in October 2018, and we aim for another retreat in a year's time.  Arrival date in Anafora: 19 October 2019. Beginning of retreat program: Sunday morning 20 October 2019, 5.30am End of the program: Friday 25 October 2019, ca. 1pm. The retreat will be RADICAL... we will live the life of an Egyptian monk for a week. All the prayers! Starting 6am every morning, and then throughout the day.  This will be hard -…