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Jos Strengholt



Jos Strengholt is an Anglican priest who resides in The Netherlands. He presently serves the Anglican Church of Arnhem-Nijmegen. He sometimes celebrates in other churches in The Netherlands, like in Utrecht and in Den Haag.

In The Netherlands, Jos Strengholt regularly teaches matters related to the Early Church.  He also teaches missiology and New Testament.

Strengholt has lived in Egypte most of the time between 1987-2017. Hence, he is well versed in matters related to the Middle East. In Egypt, he was a journalist (1988-1994), a manager of some media companies (1997-2010) and a priest in an Anglican Church in Heliopolis (2011-2016).

Since he made The Netherlands his country of residence again in January 2017, he has continued his involvement with Egypt.  Some of his projects:

Medical aid to Sudanese refugees in Cairo
Food support for six Sudanese churches in Cairo
Project Manager for setting up a BA in Early Church Studies on behalf of the Coptic Orthodox Church
and more.

Strengholt has a Masters in History of the Middle East (1982, Utrecht) and a Ph.D. in Missiology (2008, Utrecht).