About Jos Strengholt

Jos Strengholt is an Anglican priest who resides in The Netherlands but who shuttles about every month to Egypt.

He presently serves the Anglican Church of Arnhem-Nijmegen. In The Netherlands, Strengholt regularly teaches on matters related to the Early Church.

Strengholt has lived in Egypte most of the time between 1987-2017. Hence, he is well versed in matters related to the Middle East. In Egypt, he was a journalist (1988-1994), a manager of some media companies (1997-2010) and a priest in an Anglican Church in Heliopolis (2011-2016).

Since he made The Netherlands his country of residence again in January 2017, he has continued his involvement with Egypt.  Some of his projects:

Medical aid to Sudanese refugees in Cairo

Food support for six Sudanese churches in Cairo

Project Manager for setting up a BA in Early Church Studies on behalf of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Information about these matters can be found on the Dutch website www.nijlvallei.nl.

Strengholt is often found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/josstrengholt.

Strengholt has a Masters in History of the Middle East (1982, Utrecht) and a PhD in Missiology (2008, Utrecht). He wrote a book on the Egyptian upraising and its background (in Dutch, 2011) and more.