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Jos Strengholt

Advent Bible Study Series in Nijmegen

Advent begins on Sunday 2 December, and we are preparing for it. With our church in Nijmegen I agreed to do an Advent Bible Study Series, every Sunday in December (except 30 December) and the first Sunday in January.

We will use a wonderful small book that Dr Joseph Ratzinger wrote about the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels. You know, Ratzinger better as Pope Benedict XVI I guess. He wrote his book in 2012, and I find it really XXL useful.

Pray for our church please.  Our Arnhem-Nijmegen church needs spiritual growth and numerical growth.

Or join us! In Nijmegen we meet every Sunday at 11am. Bible study around 1pm.

And in Arnhem we meet each week at 5pm.  You are very welcome.