Archaeologists find an ‘Unplundered’ Mycenaean Tomb In Nemea (Greece)

The Mycenaean cemetery at Aidonia in Nemea, while being discovered in the late 70s, was unfortunately found its looted state. The site once again came into the news in the 90s when jewelry originating from the cemetery was found to be sold in the international market. Fortuitously that time around, authorities were able to recover those priceless artifacts and successfully exhibit them at the Nemea Museum. And now, after two decades of archaeological works, researchers are once again welcomed by the historical ‘breadth’ of the Aidonia cemetery, this time in the form of an unlooted vaulted tomb of the Early Mycenaean period (circa 1650-1400 BC). Surprisingly enough, in spite of its unplundered nature, the Mycenaean tomb is actually one of the largest found in the necropolis.

Here the whole story on Realm of History

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