Revelation to St John

1. God’s Self-revelation – 1:1-20
2. God’s Servants Worshipping on Earth and in Heaven – 2:1-5:14
     a) Seven churches – 2:1-3:22
     b) Heavenly worship – 4:1-5:14
3. Seven Seals – 6:1–8:5
     a) Six seals – 6:1-17
     b) Interval: Community of the saved 7:1-17 and Seventh seal – 8.1-5
4. Seven Trumpets – chapter 8:6-11:19
     a) Six trumpets – 8:6-9:20
     b) Interval: Little scroll and two witnesses – 10:1-11:14
5. War in Heaven and on Earth – 12:1-14:20
     a) War in heaven: the woman and the dragon – 12:1-17
     b) War on earth: The beasts from the Sea and the Earth – 13:1-18
     c) Security of the saints – 14:1-5
     d) Announcement of salvation and judgment – 14:6-20
6. Seven Bowls – 15:1-18:24
     a) Six bowls – 15:1-16:16
     b) The Seventh Bowl; The Prostitute and the Beast – 16.17-17.18
     b) Seventh bowl- destruction of Babylon – 18.1-24
7. Joy of Victory – 19.1-22:21
     a) Joy in heaven- destruction of Babylon – 19.1-21
     b) Thousand years – 20.1-15


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Radical Anafora Desert Retreat 19-25 October 2019

We enjoyed a great Egypt Desert retreat in October 2018, and we aim for another retreat in a year’s time.  Arrival date in Anafora: 19 October 2019.

Beginning of retreat program: Sunday morning 20 October 2019, 5.30am
End of the program: Friday 25 October 2019, ca. 1pm.

The retreat will be RADICAL… we will live the life of an Egyptian monk for a week. All the prayers! Starting 6am every morning, and then throughout the day.  This will be hard – a meeting with God, and be prepared, also with yourself.   

In between, we will visit some monasteries in Wadi Natrun.  And you might even have a swim in Anafora… And the food in Anafora is great.  Of course, we fast with the Coptic Church, but that will be a feast, I promise.

Though your spend many hours in prayers and readings of Holy Scriptures, as the monks have done for 17 centuries, we will also have plenty of time to interact with each other, to enjoy, to exchange experiences and ideas.

But I warn you: you must have guts… to meet with God and with yourself in the many hours of silence with Him.

The maximum number of participants is 12
So… reserve your place soon.  The first people have signed up as our retreat in 2018 was truly a wonderful time.

Make sure that you have your place in this retreat by your downpayment of €100 before 31 August 2019.

Payments please (with comment: ‘down-payment Anafora Retreat 2019’) to:

Jos Strengholt
Swift-Bic: ABNANL2A

This is what we offer:

During the retreat we will

  1. Meet with God and with ourself
  2. Pray the ancient prayers of the Coptic monks (in English)
  3. Visit some ancient monasteries
  4. Have time for personal meditation
  5. Meet with the Coptic Orthodox Bishop Thomas (the visionary who founded and leads Anafora)
  6. Participate in the common morning and evening prayers of Anafora
  7. Enjoy the green desert of Anafora

Total cost of this retreat: €575  (that includes the €100 downpayment) 

Included in the price:

  1. Six nights in Anafora, including three meals per day.
  2. As much coffee, tea, water as you like
  3. The prayer books that the Coptic monks use, supplied as hard copy at the beginning of the retreat
  4. Transport from and to Cairo (the airport, if you like, or any other place in Cairo if you wish so) on 18 or 19 October and on 25 or 26 October (or other dates  – details can be discussed)
  5. Visit to some monasteries in Wadi Natrun

Not included:

  1. Your ticket to and from Egypt. You can handle this by yourself.
  2. If you spend more nights in Anafora that the six nights that are part of our program, you pay 40 euros per night extra.

If you want to more information or if you want to register, contact me as soon as possible.