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Jos Strengholt

Bible Studies

Prophet Zechariah

Zacharia 14: ‘Het staat er toch gewoon?’ (Dutch)

Background materials to The Lord’s Prayer

1.  The Lord’s Prayer - Introduction: Matthew 6:5-8 2.  The Lord's Prayer Lesson 2 - Our Father in heaven 3.  The Lord's Prayer Lesson 3…

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Blog on Letter to the Romans: Thus all Israel shall be Saved (From 2008)

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

Lesson 1: No other Gospel, Galatians 1:1-12 Lesson 2: Paul and his Gospel, Galatians 1:12-2:1 Lesson 3: Resistance and Faith, Acts 13:1-15:1 Lesson 4: Convent…

Trinity Studies

Jesus of Nazareth – JHWH of Israel The development from ‘faith statements’ to the Nicene Creed The God who sees and hears


Seven Management Lessons from Moses (Exodus 17) (2008)

Traveling with Elijah – Seven lessons from the life of Elijah

Lesson One: The Suffering Servant Lesson Two: Two Styles of Serving God Lesson Three: Confrontation on Mount Carmel Lesson Four: Depression Lesson Five: War on…

Seven temples of God in the Bible

1. God’s First Temple - Creation 2. God’s Second Temple - Adam 3. God’s Third Temple - From altars to the temple of Herod 4.…