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Jos Strengholt

Bible Studies

Revelation to St John

1. God’s Self-revelation - 1:1-20 2. God’s Servants Worshipping on Earth and in Heaven - 2:1-5:14      a) Seven churches – 2:1-3:22    …

Advent Studies

Lesson 1, where are you from Lesson 2, The Two Annunciations Lesson 3, The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Lesson 4, The Wise Men from…

Prophet Zechariah

Zacharia 14: ‘Het staat er toch gewoon?’ (Dutch)

Background materials to The Lord’s Prayer

1.  The Lord’s Prayer - Introduction: Matthew 6:5-8 2.  The Lord's Prayer Lesson 2 - Our Father in heaven 3.  The Lord's Prayer Lesson 3…

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Blog on Letter to the Romans: Thus all Israel shall be Saved (From 2008)

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

Lesson 1: No other Gospel, Galatians 1:1-12 Lesson 2: Paul and his Gospel, Galatians 1:12-2:1 Lesson 3: Resistance and Faith, Acts 13:1-15:1 Lesson 4: Convent…

Trinity Studies

Jesus of Nazareth – JHWH of Israel The development from ‘faith statements’ to the Nicene Creed The God who sees and hears


Seven Management Lessons from Moses (Exodus 17) (2008)

Traveling with Elijah – Seven lessons from the life of Elijah

Lesson One: The Suffering Servant Lesson Two: Two Styles of Serving God Lesson Three: Confrontation on Mount Carmel Lesson Four: Depression Lesson Five: War on…

Seven temples of God in the Bible

Nederlandse Versie 1. De Schepping als Tempel 2. De Mensheid als Tempel 3. Israël’s Altaren, Tabernakels en Tempels 4. God’s Centrale Tempel- De Heer Jezus…