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Postcards Heliopolis – the Anglo Egyptian Trading Society – Cairo

Desert Prayers

In the week of 20-25 October we prayed the Coptic Agpeya (also known as the Horologion) in Anafora. This Coptic Orthodox Retreat Centre in Egypt…

Radical Anafora Desert Retreat 19-25 October 2019

We enjoyed a great Egypt Desert retreat in October 2018, and we aim for another retreat in a year's time.  Arrival date in Anafora: 19 October…

Coptic-Orthodox Studies

The Copts and the Ecumenical Councils of Nicea and Constantinople  (2008) The Copts and the Ecumenical Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon  (2008) The Copts and…

Early Church Studies

First Letter of Clement (2010) Second Letter of Clement (2010) Shepherd of Hermas  (2010) Kirollos - on the fast of our Lord (2010) and (Here INCLUDING actual sermon)…