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Jos Strengholt

Gospel of Matthew

Summer holidays and finding rest – Matthew 11
Worshipping Jesus – Matthew 28
Reversal of the Exodus (Mat 2:13-23)
Make a straight path – John the Baptist (Mat 3:1-12)
Seeing God: Reformation Day, All Saints Day, All Souls Day (1 John 3:1-3; Mat 5:1-12)
How to be a light in this world (Mat 5:13-20)
Christian Community as fulfilment of the laws of God (Mat 5:13-26)
Going an extra mile (Mat 5:38-48)
Holy Lent: giving, praying, fasting (Mat 6)
True Communion (Mat 9)
Receiving Christ (Mat 10)
Summer Holiday; finding rest (Mat 11)
Feeding the 5000 (Mat 14)
The Cross: for Christ and Christians (Mat 16)
Jesus on Mount of Transfiguration (Ex 24, Mat 17)
Being available (Mt 20:1-16)
Forgive one another or else… (Mat 18)
Triumphal Entry in Jerusalem (Mat 21, Philippians 2)
Triumphal Entry; no victory without cross (Mat 21, Luke 9)
Grace, grace, and more grace (Isa 5, Mat 21)
Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s (Mat 22:15-22)
Invited to Love (Rom 13, Mat 22)
Love God, love your neighbor (Mt 22:34-46)
Being people of Peace (Mat 24:36-44)
Advent: Be Prepared (Ps 48, Isa 62, Mat 25)
Be prepared (Mat 25:1-13)
Christ the King (Mat 25:31-46)
Worshipping Jesus: Trinity Sunday (Mat 28)