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Jos Strengholt

Our Anglican Church in Arnhem-Nijmegen is growing

Our Anglican Church for Arnhem-Nijmegen has seen some good growth in attendance since we began to meet every Sunday in both Arnhem and Nijmegen.  Until August 2018, we met one week in Arnhem, the other in Nijmegen, but we felt that this would not enable us to grow as a congregation.  After we began with meetings in both cities, we have seen overall attendance increase nicely. We are still quite small 🙂 and it is still early and we are still experimenting a bit, but from an average group of about 20, we now have about 15+ in each city. That means 50% growth. The indicators are positive – but we must continue to pray and work hard. As a group we are still quite ‘feeble’.
> EVERY SUNDAY AT 11AM WE MEET IN NIJMEGEN in the Kruispuntkerk, Van Hogendorpstraat 126, 6535 VC Nijmegen
> EVERY SUNDAY AT 5PM WE MEET IN ARNHEM in the St Willibrordkerk, Adolf van Nieuwenaarlaan 3, 6824 AM Arnhem
In Nijmegen, in September and October 2018 this  is our program:
We begin every week with a brunch – bring your own breakfast/lunch – at 11am.
We worship at 12pm.
At 1.30pm we have a bible study.
  • BUT: we will from Sunday 4 November have a different schedule in Nijmegen:
We will worship at 11am, then have a lunch, then at about 1.30pm we have a Bible study. 
In Arnhem our program is ‘stable’
We worship at 5pm,
We have refreshments (coffee, tea, cake) at 6.30 pm