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Jos Strengholt

Church growth in Arnhem-Nijmegen

Unanimously the members of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Arnhem-Nijmegen have decided to ‘plant a new church’. It is a funny one! Thus far, we have been meeting one week in Arnhem, the next in Nijmegen, the next one in Arnhem again, etc.

The AGM of our church unanimously adopted this resolution:  “We, the members of the Arnhem-Nijmegen Chaplaincy, support the chaplaincy council plan for a weekly Sunday worship service in both Arnhem and Nijmegen and we ask council to implement this as from the beginning of September 2018.”

This means that in both cities we will have a weekly church service! In the past year we have seen God’s blessings in an increase in attendants in our worship services and a growth of members of 10% or so.  But in order to maintain this growth, we believe we need to have a weekly worship service in both cities.

For me this will mean leading two small worship services each Sunday, in the two cities. And probably also to lead two bible studies, in the two cities.  We will have to work out all practical implications, and I am sure this will mean much work.  But we prayerfully decided that the step was necessary.