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Jos Strengholt

Egypt Desert Retreat 13-19 October 2018

Egypt Desert retreat 13-19 October 2018

It is time to become more serious about registration. You are warmly invited to our Anafora Desert Retreat but in order to reserve the space in Anafora we need to pay a deposit.   So let me know whether you will join us!  For this, we need your deposit of €100.

The maximum number of participants we will have is 15; about ten people have shown a serious interest thus far. Make sure you will have space by your payment of €100 before 1 July.   

Payments please (with comment: ‘deposit’) to:

Jos Strengholt
Swift-Bic: ABNANL2A
This is what we offer:

During the retreat we will

  1. Visit some of the oldest monasteries in the world, in Wadi Natrun.
  2. Learn from the ancient books of Egyptian Desert Fathers (a guided course, 2×45 minutes per day, based on the life and writings of Pachomius)
  3. Have time for personal meditation
  4. Meet with the Coptic Orthodox Bishop Thomas (the visionary who founded and leads Anafora)
  5. Participate in the common morning and evening prayers of Anafora
  6. Enjoy the green desert of Anafora

Cost of this retreat: €475.  

Included in the price:

  1. Six nights in Anafora, including three meals per day.
  2. As much coffee, tea, water as you like
  3. The study/work books we use (Pachomian Koinonia, three volumes, supplied as hard copy at the beginning of the retreat)
  4. Transport from and to Cairo (the airport, if you like, or any other place if you wish so) on 13 and 19 October.  Details can be discussed.

Not included:

  1. Your ticket to and from Egypt. You can handle this by yourself.
  2. If you arrive before 13 October or if you stay after 19 October, we can help you arrange bookings and sightseeing tours, at your expense.

If you want to more information or if you want to register, contact me today