Food packages: 2021

In 2021, we aim to hand out thousands of food packages to needy Egyptians. We started this project in March 2020, when the Corona Crisis hit Egypt. We have been able to help over 2000 families.

The poor in Egypt are suffering more than usual, as many have seen their income decrease sharply. Income from tourism is nil, many construction projects and other work is stopped, so the people on the bottom of the ladder suffer most, with often no income at all.

We assist churches in Egypte to help their church members and to help Sudanese refugees in Cairo. The Corona-crisis is especially troublesome for Sudanese refugees because many of their women work in Egyptian households and are now told to not come; for most this means a complete loss of income.  The men often have menial jobs on a day-by-day basis.

One woman told us the following:
“My husband works as a cleaner but he is sick. So I have to sit outside schools to sell small things like tissues and hairpins for girls, to help my husband. But after corona, the schools closed so I lost all income. The last months have been awful. We suffer. And mind you I have three small children myself. They were so happy to see you come with the food. One of my girls cried.”

Another woman told us:
“My children were so happy when they saw the food. Even chicken and meat! We have not had this for a long time, and after corona began it was even hard for me to buy just rice and tea. I am a widow. My husband died long ago, and we have always been able to survive on my small income. But due to corona, even my job as a cleaner is gone. I now depend on friends and family who help a bit. Your bag with food was a gift from God.”

If you are interested to participate in this project, you can donate to our charitable foundation Nijlvallei in The Netherlands. Three options:


Or you can transfer money by bank to:
Nijlvallei Foundation
IBAN: NL28 INGB 0007 0915 74
City: Utrecht

If you are in the UK and you weant to use gift aid, please contact me.

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