Heavenly Participation

A great book I warmly recommend: Heavenly Participation, by Hans Boersma. I am reading it for a second time now – just to make sure I suggest what Boersma has to say.

“Postmodernity is little more than modernity coming home to roost. Both, I believe, are predicated on the abandonment of a premodern sacramental mindset in which the realities of this-worldly existence pointed to greater, eternal realities in which they sacramentally shared. Once modernity abandoned a participatory or sacramental view of reality, the created order became unmoored from its origin in God, and the material cosmos began its precarious drift on the flux of nihilistic waves.” Hans Boersema, Heavenly Participation: the weaving of a sacramental tapestry (Grand Rapids, 2011), p. 2.

Boersma proposes a rather radical realignment of theology – a realignment with how the church from the first till the 17th century ‘did’ theology. I love it.

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