Stephanie Strengholt (b. 1988) is the oldest daughter of Jos and Adrienne Strengholt.  She grew up in Egypt, but she returned to our native country, The Netherlands in 2006.  There she studies for an MA in Art History at Utrecht University. The photo on the left was made in February 2009, during a visit of Stephanie to Egypt.  We went to the Monastery of St Anthony close to the Red Sea.

Here we will make some of her papers available.
Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac and its interpretation on three icons (2009)
Church of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce) in Florence - intro (2009, in Dutch)

Rosemarie Strengholt (b. 1990) is the second daughter; like Stephanie, she grew up in Egypt and she now studies at the same university in Utrecht, Netherlands.  She studies for an MA in Television, Theater and Film Sciences.  We await her papers :-)

And Justine (b. 1994) is the little one... She is doing her GCSE exams this year.  We do not pressure her for papers yet.

And here the whole crowd - mother Adrienne and the three daughters, photographed during a trip to the Monastery of St Anthony at the Red Sea.



Just Chatting

  • Facebook

    Since a while a am present on Facebook - mostly because my Egyptian church members seem to live there.  I often place photos of my daily work on FB.  Here my personal pages.  And here the pages of our English congregation.  And this is where you find our Arabic congregation's page.
  • School for Sudanese Kids in Cairo

    In June 2015 we are to open a school for about 200 sudanese kids.  Our church in Cairo has about a 1000 sudanese members, of which half is under 16.  There are very few options for education for these refugees in Egypt, so we decided to 'go it alone'.
  • Surat al-Fatiha

    Under 'studies' I have placed some self-study I am doing in the Qur'an - just a feeble beginning. Have a look and let me know my mistakes ;-)

  • Coptic Studies

    Under the Studies button, you can find some lectures I have recently (February- March 2008) held in our church here in Maadi (Egypt). I will probably continue to work on them as I happen to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to historical truth and the shape of documents. Oh, if only I had been a native English speaker. I hope you enjoy these and the other papers of mine that will slowly appear here.