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Jos Strengholt

Jews were thriving in the Levant in the 5th century AD

Vibrant artworks in a 5th century Jewish synagogue in Huqoq, Lower Galilee, seem to mirror the thriving nature of the Jewish people in the Levant. This contradicts the popular notion relating to their decline under Christian rule.

The ancient synagogue at Huqoq has been the focal point of yearly excavations since 2011, led by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the space of only half-a-decade, archaeologists were able to unravel a series of stunning mosaics from the confines of the structure that harks back to the late Roman period (circa 5th century AD). And the interesting part relates to how the spectrum of subject matter covered by these artworks is extensive, ranging from Biblical scenes (including stories of Noah and Samson), Greco-Roman divine entities to even historical scenarios like (possibly) Alexander the Great meeting a Jewish high priest.

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