Medical help for Sudanese people in Cairo

I was tempted to write: ‘for Sudanese refugees in Cairo’. But why define human beings as refugees? The Sudanese people I meet in Cairo are human beings in the first place, Christians, Muslims, men, women, fathers, mothers, husband, wives, children. People with dreams and aspirations.

And yes, they have escaped from Sudan. Often from the Nuba Mountains, in the southern province of South Kordofan in (North) Sudan.

These people often have petty jobs, as day laborors, or cleaners. Or they are teachers in their own refugee-community. Whule I live in Egypt, I have set up a primary school for their kids, and a social center.

And presently, I am involved in giving medical assistance to these Sudanese people. When disasters strike, and the families do not have enough money, I think peoiple are entitled to being treated in a worthy manner. They are humans, God’s creation, and worthhy of all support when they need it. As I hope for support when I need it.

So… Each year we help about 150 people – sometimes just by buying the medicine they cannot afford. Or by finding the right doctor for doing an operation. Or we pay for a serious operation. We do follow-up after operatons as well, like paying for chemo-therapy in case of cancer.

I pride myself in working with very able and commmitted people in Cairo. They make sure people get the best possible treatment, and they negotiate the lowest prices with doctors and hospitals.

Sadly, we sometimes have to slow down the help we givem simply because we work with very small resources. But we do what we can. Maybe you can also do something in the pecuniary realm? Feel free to contact me for more info, if you are interested to support this project financially.

I have resisted for a few years to set up an organisation in The Netherlands. There are already so many charitable organisations. But I have come to the conclusion that I have to – and I will, before the end of 2019. It is needed for accountability in the first place. To ensure that there is absolutely strong oversight over how money is handled.

And for your info, I do not get one cent from this ministry.