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Jos Strengholt

Still a bit of Reverse Culture Shock

The work as a priest in Arnhem-Nijmegen (Netherlands) is very enjoyable.  It was great in 2017, and I have great expectations for 2018 as well.  With church council we are preparing some plans for expansion – more about this later. We have much to discuss in our AGM in April!  Information about the church in Arnhem and Nijmegen can always be found on our Facebook page.

I enjoy our bi-weekly bible study in Nijmegen, where with ten or so people we study The Lord’s Prayer at the moment.  Last year, we did a series on Seven Temples in the Bible.     

I am still is a state of Reverse Culture Shock 🙂 even though we have been back in The Netherlands for over a year. This is what it is: Reverse Culture Shock.  It does not bother me much, there are much worse diseases. One reason why I expect this RCS to last a bit longer, is that I still have a major job in Egypt.  I fly there very often, and I have some exciting projects.  Soon more revelation, the Lord willing…

In the meantime, I also do some teaching in The Netherlands.  I am the teacher of  all sorts of missiological subjects in De Wittenberg  I also teach New Testament studies in three cities (Hilversum, Houten and Arnhem) for an organisation called Evangelisch College. 

I am not bored, but I have time left for reading and for my hobbies… well, i love to lay my body on the sofa to watch football, but I also try to expand my collection of Egyptian postage stamps.

Enough for now!  Kind greetings

Jos M Strengholt