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Jos Strengholt

Our Christian mess

We all come across Christians for whom the Christian faith seems so easy. You just believe A, B and C, and voila! And you only have to do this and that.

Sure, I believe A, B and C, but then, you review some of your views all the time. And I have to do this and that, but hey, here the real problem begins.  Our best intentions seem too often be thwarted by our worst behaviour.

Being a Christian means using the brain all the time, and at the same time coping with your own ignorance. It is about accepting that we depend on the grace of God, and nothing else. We do not love God and our neighbour as we should, and we always seem to love ourselves too much.

But we strive for better. Always to be thrown on our back again, and we get up again by the grace of God.

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