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Jos Strengholt

Sculpture of a Biblical King of 3000 years ago found

A 3,000-year-old sculpture of a king’s head, unearthed in modern-day Israel, is at the center of a mystery that has baffled researchers the world over. An extremely rare example of figurative art dating back to 9th century BC Holy Land, the 2-inch (around 5-centimeter) sculpture is remarkably well preserved, with only a tiny portion of the subject’s beard missing.

Although experts are of the opinion that the stern-bearded figure with the golden crown represents royalty, they are yet to ascertain his identity and are even struggling to determine which kingdom he may have ruled.

The sculpture, as per reports, was discovered last year at an archaeological site known as Abel Beth Maacah. Situated south of Israel’s border with Lebanon, around 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) from the present-day town of Metula and 4 miles (approx. 6.5 kilometers) west of Tel-Dan, the site comprises a mound with a small upper northern section and a large lower southern one, connected by means of a saddle.

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