Sermons: Luke

Ascension Day yes, but no dualism (Luke 24, John 17) (Download pdf)

Ascension Day: Jesus on the throne (Luke 24, Acts 1) (Download pdf)

Jesus rose from the dead (Luke 24:1-12) (Download pdf)

Resurrection - between liberals and fundamentalists (Luke 20) (Download pdf)

Palm Sunday: what is true worship? (Luke 19) (Download pdf)

Insist, do not give up (Luke 18:1-8) (Download pdf)

Jesus heals (Luke 17:11-19) (Download pdf)

Use money well (Luke 16:1-13) (Download pdf)

Feasting with sinners - the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) (Download pdf)

Never ending cycle of repentance and forgiveness (Luke 15) (Download pdf)

Jesus eats with saved sinners, excludes Pharisees (Jeremiah 23, Luke 15) (Download pdf)

Eating with Jesus: Love and Truth (Psalm 32, Luke 15) (Download pdf)

Jesus or Herod? Hen or Fox? (Luke 13) (Download pdf)

Jesus brings separation (Luke 12:49-56) (Download pdf)

Guard against greed (Luke 12:13-21) (Download pdf)

Prayer to the Father (Luke 11:1-11) (Download pdf)

Sheep, wolves, snakes, scorpions (Luke 10:1-20) (Download pdf)

You are God's perfect choice (Luke 2) (Download pdf)

Song of Simeon (Luke 2:21-40) (Download pdf)

Epiphany: being righteous and devout is not enough (Luke 2;21-40) (Download pdf)

Song of Zachariah (Luke 1:57-80) (Download pdf)

Song of Zachariah (Luke 1) (Download pdf)

Mary, blessed, Believing, Broken (Luke 1) (Download pdf)

The Annunciation to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1.26-38) (Download pdf)

Zechariah and Elisabeth, the parents (Luke 1:1-25) (Download pdf)

Luke 24.36-48 - Jesus eats broiled fish (Download pdf)

Luke 24.50-53 - Ascension of Jesus (Download pdf)

Luke 21.25-38 - Watch yourself and stay awake (Download pdf)

Luke 3.1-6 - Repent (Download pdf)

Luke 3.7-18 - Radical lifestyle (Download pdf)

Luke 2.1-20 - The Shepherds saw God’s Glory (Download pdf)

Luke 6.27-38 - Love your enemies (Download pdf)

Luke 4.1-13 - Jesus tempted in the desert (Download pdf)

Luke 15.1-3, 11-32 - The welcoming heart of God (Download pdf)

Luke 24.1-12 - The power of his resurrection (Download pdf)

Luke 9.51-62 - Following till the end (Download pdf)

Luke 10.1-20 - Sheep, wolves, snakes, scorpions (Download pdf)

Luke 10.38-42 - What is the best choice? (Download pdf)

Luke 12.32-40 - Where is your treasure (Download pdf)

Luke 13.10-17 - Having our priorities right: people first (Download pdf)

Luke 14.1, 7-14 - Who exalts himself will be humbled (Download pdf)

Luke 16.1-13 - Use money well (Download pdf)

Luke 2:8-20 - Fact, Faith, Mission (Download pdf)