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Jos Strengholt

Teaching the Revelation of St John

I must have suffered from some serious mental problems when I agreed to teach on the Book of the Revelation of St John to our congregations in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Certainly the problem of hubris… to think that I can shed light on what John actually meant to say.

But allons, I have said yes so now I will suffer for it. Because I want this to be meaningful, and beyond the bible study where we all share how we feel about what we have read :D.

Here the outline of what I am planning to do:


God’s Self-revelation – 1:1-20

God’s Servants Worshipping on Earth and in Heaven – 2:1-5:14
a) Seven churches – 2:1-3:22
b) Heavenly worship – 4:1-5:14

Seven Seals – 6:1–8:5
a) Six seals – 6:1-17
b) Interval: Community of the saved – 7:1-17
c) Seventh seal – 8:1-5

Seven Trumpets – 8:6-11:19
a) Six trumpets – 8:6: -9:20
b) Interval: Little scroll and two witnesses – 10:1-11:14
c) Seventh Trumpet – 11:15-19

5. War in Heaven and on Earth – 12:1-14:20
a) War in heaven: the woman and the dragon – 12:1-17
b) War on earth: The beast from the sea and the earth – 13:1-18
c) Security of the saints: 14:1-5
d) Announcement of salvation and judgment – 14:6-20

6. Seven Bowls – 15:1-18:24
a) Six bowls – 15:1-16:16
b) Seventh bowl: destruction of Babylon – 16:17-18:24

7. Joy of Victory – 19:1-22:21
a) Joy in heaven: destruction of Babylon – 19:1-21
b) Thousand years – 20:1-15
c) New heavens and new earth – 21:1-22:21

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