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Jos Strengholt

Desert retreat in 2018

I am preparing a desert retreat to Anafora, a retreat center in Egypt.  I have not set the dates yet, but it will be one week in 2018.  If you have an interest, please let me know and let me know what would be good dates for you.

During the retreat we will

1. Visit some of the oldest monasteries in the world, in Wadi Natrun.
2. Learn from the ancient books of Egyptian Desert Fathers (a guided course, 2×45 minutes per day)
3. Have time for personal meditation
4. Meet with the Coptic Orthodox Bishop Thomas (the visionary who founded and leads Anafora)
5. Participate in the common evening prayers of Anafora
6. Enjoy the green desert of Anafora

If you like to be longer in Egypt for other (touristic?) activities, we are happy to help you organize this.