Early Church Studies in Nijmegen

I am ‘teaching’ on Church Fathers almost every Sunday afternoon in Nijmegen.  You are very welcome to participate!  Of course you are warmly invited to  join our worship service before the study (12pm), but there is no obligation. All studies begin around 1.30pm, and last about 45-60 minutes.

Sunday 16 September, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Letter of Polycarp

Sunday 30 September, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Martyrdom of Polycarp
Sunday 7 October, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Letter of Barnabas

Sunday 21 October, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Pastor of Hermas (part one)
Sunday 28 October, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Pastor of Hermas (part two)

Sunday 4 November, 1.30pm Nijmegen: Letter to Diognetus
Sunday 11 November, 1.30pm Nijmegen: to be decided
Sunday 18 November, 1.30pm Nijmegen: to be decided

The lessons in Nijmegen are at the Kruispuntkerk, Van Hogendorpstraat 126, 6535 VC
The lessons in Utrecht are in Holy Trinity Church, Van Limburg Stirumplein, 3581 KE

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