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Jos Strengholt

Welcome at my Early Church Studies

In two places in The Netherlands I am ‘teaching’ on Church Fathers, namely in Utrecht and Nijmegen.  You are very welcome to participate!
On this place (and in my agenda below on this website) I keep you updated about ‘what and where’

3 June, 3.30pm Nijmegen: Didache (part two)
7 June, 8pm Utrecht: Letter of Polycarp
17 June, 3.30pm Nijmegen: 1 Clement (part one)
29 June, 8pm: Utrecht: Martyrdom of Polycarp
1 July, 3.30pm Nijmegen: 1 Clement (part two)
2 September, 3.30pm Nijmegen: Ignatius (part one)
16 September, 3.30pm Nijmegen: Ignatius (part two)

The lessons in Nijmegen are at the DoRe Church, Professor Regoutstraat 23, 6524RZ
The lessons in Utrecht are in Holy Trinity Church, Van Limburg Stirumplein, 3581 KE